Thursday, 19 June 2014

Polo: Commissioned Pet Portrait

Polo, Pencil on Paper, 11.5" X 8.5" 
I was commissioned to do this portrait of a dog named Polo by his owner. Unfortunately the dog is no more and this is to serve as a memory of this lively and beautiful creature. Though the drawing is small I felt a huge sense of responsibility in doing this as I had to capture not only a likeness but also the elusive emotion in his eyes. I hope I could do justice here. Thankfully the collector and her family are very happy with the drawing.
Thank you all for dropping by. All comments and critiques are most welcome. 


Carol Blackburn said...

This is wonderful Vinayak. I can see why the family is pleased. I hope everything is good with you and your family.

Ash said...

Absolutely awesome!