Saturday, 19 January 2013

Old Timpiece

Old Timepiece, Oil on Oil Paper (13" X 11")
This old mechanical timepiece was used by my dad during his college days. While going through some old things in our home in Nagpur, I found this lovely timepiece along with its classy wooden case. I wound the spring and it started working just fine. I wish the dial was white with roman numerals, but this I think is beautiful too. 

This shall be my entry for DPW's weekly challenge "Make it move". 

Thank you for visiting my blog. All comments and critiques are most welcome.


Carol Blackburn said...

Lovely one Vinayak. I hope all is well with you and yours.

Urmi Battu said...

Indeed a timeless treasure :) Beautifully done!

Vinayak Deshmukh said...

Thank you so much Carol. We are all well, I hope you are doing fine too. :)

Vinayak Deshmukh said...

Thank you so much Urmi!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Lovely painting with much emotional appeal.
How is the baby? - about 3 month old now. Starting to have a personality you are enjoying seeing develop. Life is good.