Saturday, 18 February 2012

Evening in Adasa

Feeding the Bullock, Watercolour on Paper, (10.5" x 14)

I am back after another unforced break. Took me three attempts before I could get this painting this far. I did this from a photograph of the beautiful village of Adasa (about 50 km from my hometown Nagpur). This place is famous for the ancient Ganesh temple.I took loads of photos here and hope to convert atlest a few of them. 
Thank you so much for stopping by. All critiwues and comments are most welcome.


Crystal Cook said...

Beautiful Vinayak. I really like that cow in the shadow of the barn. :)

Studio at the Farm said...

WOW! Do I ever like this, Vinayak!!!

Muñoz Bautista said...

Hello Vinayak!
I love so much your watercolour, are fantastic!!!
Greetings from Spain,
Maribel Muñoz

Vinayak Deshmukh said...

Thanks Crystal, I dont do animals a lot, they are always such a challenge.
Thanks Kathryn and Munoz for your nice comments. :)

Meera Rao said...

Beautiful painting with a delicate look!

Vinayak Deshmukh said...

Thank you Meera.