Thursday, 8 December 2011

Problem with my blog!

I woke up today and found that all my friends / followers on blogger have gone. When I signed in I could see 11 followers on my dashboard, but when I view my blog it still says "1 follower" which is me :(.
I hope this problem is only temporary and not very serious.
Have you also seen anything like this happen to your blog? Please let me know guys if there is any solution to this.
Thank you.


Crystal Cook said...

I think it must just be a glitch with the follower graphic because when I clicked on it to follow you again it said I already was. Strange. You have had some rotten luck with your blog this year! Hopefully it will fix itself soon. Have you looked on the blogger help site? Sometimes you can see if it's affecting other people by checking there too. If I hear anything I'll let you know. :( And your Fresh Greens piece below is just lovely! I love the freshness, thirty minutes was a good decision!

Studio at the Farm said...

Good morning, Vinayak! I've had that happen a few times. So far, it's been quite temporary. I agree with Crystal.

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Thanks Crystal. I did try on the blogger help page. Many people have complained about this but there are no satisfactory answers that I could find.
Thanks Kathryn. I hope my problem is temporary too.

Mani said...

Well i don.t see any problem, only thing i know i,m still there in ur follower list and keep getting update from your blog.

Happy drawing



Thanks Mani, the problem seems to be solved now.

MTeacress said...

Oh no! This happened to me once, but they all came back. However, your follower button let me follow 'again', so I must not have come back. Thanks for letting us know. :)